New: Edit your colleague’s report

One of PlagScan’s goals is to improve collaboration between users. In order to get closer to this purpose we have made an important step forward. While sharing a plagiarism report has been possible for a while, the invited user was only able to view the results. With our latest improvement the document owner can now allow the other user to make modifications to a report. This is how it’s done:

How to share

Just click on the Share button to open the popup dialog. In that window, you can search by username or email address of the user. To the right of the search box, you will find an icon, which either is an eye (“can view”) or a pen (“can edit”). Select the desired option by clicking on the dropdown. Note that the user must be a registered PlagScan member of your organization.

In the share popup window, you will also find an overview of all users, which currently have a personalized share access to the document, including the mode (view/edit) and the option to delete (x) a share permission.


We plan to work on a commenting option for reports soon. This will increase collaboration options even further as we expect to add a “can comment” share mode. So stay tuned (are you signed up for the Newsletter yet?) for more features to come soon!

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