New Administration Interface is now live!

We are proud to announce that the updated administration interface has been implemented last Monday and is now live. Numerous design and system improvements will enable an easier setup process and optimized workflow for administrators of schools, universities and organizations 

As mentioned in one of our last posts Reducing Stress for Administrators, you will now benefit from a more lucid interface, which gives a simple overview over PlagScan’s most important features. 

Introduction page

That’s the new view for freshly registered administrators. In this example: A university account.

This is particulatly useful for new administrators, who just registered. A welcome page will introduce new users to the most important features and settings. The users themselves can decide which features they want to use and have the ability to customize their settings. If users want to explore the options themselves, without introductions, they can easily turn the tutorial off.

What has Changed?

  • The sidebar now contains a navigation, using groups to simplify the access to specific areas.
  • You can now learn about global policies on a separate site. Find the most important settings in regards to your data management:
    • The administrator decides whether documents users should be automatically deleted or remain in the system.
    • The administrator decides whether the submissions should also be compared with the internal PlagScan database.
    • The administrator decides over the password settings and terms of use acceptance of users.
  • Improved user interface: More space for a user list!
  • Simplified administration:
    • Colored distinctions of primary actions on one page. (e.g. “add users on the user interface)
    • Settings you have already set will be minimized (e.g. the box for the access portal).

      Minimized portal

      One click on the minimized portal and the box expands so you can edit it.

The two-columed layout adjusts with the interface of your screen size.

Technological Details:

The administration interface has also been improved technologically. We removed numerous unused codes that have slowed down the loading time of the website. Now, the loading time proves to be much faster!

Many people use PlagScan on mobile devices, which made us want to improve the responsiveness for such devices. We changed different index sizes and implemented the new Masonry Modul, which helped to adapt to smaller or bigger screens. This way, we make sure to optimally make use of any screen size. For instance, if expanding element stretch the content of one page, they will now reform in order to fill white spaces and display as much significant information as possible.

We also placed importance on regarding users with older browser versions. The administration interface remains functional with Internet Explorer 9. Even though we worked on PlagScan’s compatibility with older versions, we still recommend to keep your browser updated. This will help to support security, faster loading times and the overall compatibility with certain software and features.

Did you know Microsoft does no longer support older versions of Internet Explorer 11? Make sure to update your version to Internet Explorer 11 to ensure full functionality and safety from malware.

More Improvements to come in the Future:

  • Detailed statistics in your account interface for an optimized overview on your organization.
  • An overview of improved settings, to increase clarity.
  • More possibilities for customization: Easily turn off the features you don’t need.
  • More features for your plagiarism report. (More details to come, but be sure they will be exciting!)

Our developers work hard every day to make PlagScan better for our users. If you have ideas, suggestions or just want to say ‘hello,’ please feel free to reach out at – we are always happy about receiving feedback.

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