Re-Design of the administration area

Dear Organization Users,

As many of you might have noticed, the PlagScan interface has significantly changed in the administration section. We’re proud to introduce you to the newest features and improvements. Hopefully you’re not going to miss the old blue box, which previously included all functions and settings. You will be able to find all settings in the new light grey box, which is visually more appealing and easier to use. One major improvement is the adjustment of the interface to the browser size if you increase or decrease the size of the browser window.

Organization DataOrganization administration

If you chose your organization logo, you’re now able to preview the selected picture before selecting it. You’re also able to collapse certain windows, which enables a better view on the contract information. The button to save changes is bigger as well and reflects that changes of all settings will be saved with one click. The menu field has visually changed too, while its content remains the same as before.

User Administration
User administration

The user administration enabled two major functions within two different surface areas. The new feature is the window in which the administrator is able to add a new user. This window is adjustable in its size now. The other window ‘configure user settings’ is now redesigned and now well-arranged. The functions have remained the same, but now you will be able to adjust the size of the different text fields according to your convenience. Read more about the functions of the user setting configurations here [link zu], if you are still new to them.


The redesign mostly serves the visual appearance with the new use of color, especially white spaces. The tables are explicitly divided and if you point your cursor on a department or administrator name, you will be able to read the entire name, even if it is a longer one, which usually would be cut short. You’re still able to rename your departments when you click on the row of the table.

API Integration:

New input panels guarantee more clarity arrangements.

Add new user

Adapting the window size

The responsive design and the adoption of Bootstrap enabled us to create a more user- friendly interface, which is also more expandable than before.

In the near future, we will also improve the features of the administration interface and the document manager. Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions.

Your PlagScan Team


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