Modified Payment Dialog

I am Ruben Olmedo, one of PlagScan’s developers. In my first blog entry, I want to introduce you to the latest changes of PlagScan. During the last few months, we have been modified our service and design to a more stable and modern version. Read here how we have updated PlagScan with a more user-friendly interface, which will help you to work more efficient than ever before!


When we created this dialog, we wanted to emphasize on the simplicity of buying PlagPoints. Our team is aware that the PlagPoint concept is a new idea for many of our customers when they first enter PlagScan. We want to provide our users with all possible information and not distract when it comes to our payment dialog. Therefore, we have created an interface that explains the payment concept in a comprehensive and active way without being too dull or complicated.
Full payment dialog
Currently, this new dialogue is visible for only a few users. Within the next couple weeks, it will be available to all other customers worldwide.

What’s New?

Aside from the new design, we have included new payment options. The availability of these options depends on the region from which you connect to PlagScan. Now, let’s take a closer look on the frame: The overall shape of the window is designed to fit the new design that we are implementing. This new design fits the remote upload frame and the plain text upload. The total account balance of PlagPoints is always visible as well. We also created a link to the manual where you can find more information about PlagPoints and our money-back guarantee.

Package and Selection

PlagScan still uses the same rates as before, but in order to enable users to perform certain selections, we got rid of a few old buttons. We also want to emphasize more on user-relevant information such as discounts, and shaded out less important sections. Wherever the users click, they will always fully see the information to the chosen selection. I personally created the escorting animations!

Pack Selecction

Payments methods

Our usual payment methods went through PayPal or bank transfer (for Europe only). Paypal offers many different payment modes, but many of them depend on companies that some users can not trust. For this reason, we will implement direct payments through credit card and Amazon. We want to accommodate our customers with easy payment methods in order to provide a positive experience with PlagScan. In the future, we might incorporate new payment methods as well.
 Credit Card Payment
What is your opinion to our modified payment dialog? Do you have more ideas to improve it? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page!
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