Meet Philipp – our new Computational Linguistics Intern

Philipp, PlagScan's new Computational Linguistics InternPhilipp has recently joined our team to work on PlagScan’s core software and to improve the algorithm, which will help to be even more precise and accurate in identifying plagiarism.

Philipp obtained a bachelor’s degree in computational linguistics from Saarland University. He has been actively working as research assistant in psycholinguistics, generating stimuli and conducting psychological experiments, where he also researched and analyzed data.

He heard about PlagScan from a friend and was immediately fascinated by PlagScan’s functions and algorithms. After meeting the PlagScan team, both sides realized Philipp would be a valuable addition to the PlagScan family.

“I am excited about working together with great teammates on fascinating problems,” Philipp said. “Also some of the people I work with cook really good.”

Over the next couple months, Philipp will be working on some major developments in PlagScan’s algorithm. We don’t want to share too much quite yet, but will announce his progress on our blog.

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