PlagScan Enjoys an Increased User Base in South America

PlagScan has been seeing a surge in South America within the last couple months – particularly in Peru. This surge is not only recognizable from our customers’ side, but also in an increased usage of our software among universities, schools and businesses.

Take a look at the following video illustrating the increased demand for plagiarism detection in South America:


The video illustrates the problematic situation of politicians being caught with plagiarism. Not only politics have been highlighting a necessity for plagiarism control, but also academics and publishing realized an increased demand. Using a plagiarism detection software such as PlagScan doesn’t just mean to catch plagiarism or find the wrongdoer. It is more about plagiarism prevention in the first place by raising awareness and educating people about the proper use of sources. Most recently, the Spanish-speaking publication La República discusses the plagiarism case of politician Elard Melgar, who allegedly plagiarized his dissertation to become a lawyer.

Unfortunately, plagiarism cases like that repeat themselves constantly all over the world.

PlagScan is a great solution to prevent plagiarism. The software is efficient, user-friendly and investigates academic exams, articles and published work. Just visit us and see for yourself.  

We are happy to welcome our new users in South America. Bienvenidos!

About Cati Mayer

Cati is a communications manager and passionate writer. She grew up in Germany, finished her studies in communications and media studies, journalism and public relations in the United States and is now an advocate for human rights, particularly education. She has been involved with multiple Silicon Valley startups.

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