2 brandnew features for the Submission function

A new feature has been added to the submission section. Organizations can now easily have an overview of all submissions that have been created by its members. By adding a list containing the submission creator, title, code and number of uploads we grant a detailed, instantly updated view of all submissions. The administrator can now supervise each submission and get in contact with PlagScan if a bug or problem occurs. But don’t panic about the extended control of the administrator. A submission can only be deleted by its creator. Besides, the administrator has no access to any document in a submission.

Customize your General notice

Is there any important announcement you always wanted to make to the submitters about the submission? By enabling the  disclaimer feature “General notice” you can now easily add a message that will be displayed to every person submitting a document. By default a simple message about our data policy is provided but feel free to add any message you find noteworthy for all submitters.
After releasing the “Involve” function some months ago this new feature is part of our effort to offer a wide ranged submission function. The daily process of dealing with submissions and submitting documents shall get easier with each new feature.

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