Experiencing Writer’s Block? Here’s How Reading Expands Your Creativity

How Reading Expands Your CreativityPhoto by Jacalyn Beales on Unsplash

When you pick up a book, you are usually intrigued by the plot or narrative ahead, ready to get into the minds of characters and imagine a new world. On many different levels, people enjoy reading because it is an escape and a way to explore, or even travel, to different locations and frames of mind. But did you know that reading has many advantages in terms of growing your creativity?

Whether you are writing your first essay for school or you are hoping to publish your first novel, it is crucial to enjoying the right amount of reading in preparation. Reading opens your mind to new elements, like characterization, vocabulary, syntax, and style, which will all combine to make you a better, more creative writer. Creativity can ultimately only be expanded by exercising your brain by doing activities that stimulate the imagination, and reading is the perfect activity to inspire you to think outside the box.

Reading Boosts Brainpower

Just like regular exercise is important for your strength and physical health, it is equally as important for mental wellness to exercise the brain. Reading is the number one way to give your brain a good workout. Giving your brain a continuous workout is, therefore, a great way to be mentally fit, which in turn will benefit your creative abilities.

Studies in neuroscience have shown that reading a book for as little as six minutes per day boosts brainpower and stimulates a heightened connectivity in brain function. With amplified brainpower, you will be able to approach writing with a similarly enhanced creativity. When writing essays for school, it will be beneficial to have done the right amount of provisional work by reading or researching books to inspire your creative capacity.

Books Lead to Better Concentration

In addition to stimulating the brain, reading also helps creativity in that it leads to better focus. No matter what you are writing, you will not be able to generate a single sentence if you are distracted. Nowadays, living in the digital age means that the opportunity to surf the web or watch the latest videos is always just one click away.

But if you instead devote time to reading, you will notice that you are able to concentrate and even relax.

Books have the ability to completely absorb the mind, and in turn, this will give you new ideas of your own based on what you have read. Focused reading will help you to form opinions, figure out how sentences work together, and facilitate creativity in your writing. Reading is vital to being a strong, dynamic writer, as books will give you the gifts of a heightened brainpower and concentration, which are essential to producing impressive work.


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