hAPI New Year – A better integration in 2017

Update – Beta now available: PlagScan API Version 3 and API v3 Documentation

You probably guessed right, it’s not a typo. Since you are familiar with the term API, we think you know what this post is about. But before we get to the point, we wish you a Happy New Year and every success for 2017.

Talking about API, one of our main resolutions for the upcoming year is to make PlagScan widely usable. We want to grow our API integrations and enhance the number of functionalities for existing users and organizations. In order to achieve these goals, our development team has recently started to improve our API.

Once ready, we look forward to introduce these features with the new PlagScan API 3.0 in July 2017:

Standards: The new API will support OAuth authentication and RESTful access.

New plagiarism report: The interactive PlagScan report is a cleaner and better looking version of the plagiarism checking result. It includes the uploaded text in its original formatting and pictures as well as the plagbar, which displays the distribution of all matches within the text. Existing features such as marking of citations and sources will still be available.  

Fully featured: The increased functionality will include features like homework assignment submissions and sharing of reports with others. This is made possible by a better representation of entities like individual users and groups, which should also allow for improved administration and statistical reporting.

Since we know that the API change demands time and effort for you to adjust your system (current API Documentation), we would like to emphasize that these features are not mandatory. You don’t need to change much if you are satisfied with the current state. Nonetheless, the new version will boost the power of PlagScan’s API integration into your system and your users will benefit from above mentioned features.

These are the milestones for switching to the PlagScan API 3.0:

  • In January 2017, we will launch an intermediate version, the PlagScan API 2.4. This version offers some improvements for document input conversion and the interactive PlagScan report as output option (with the limitation that interactive features like storing changes and sharing are not available).
  • In February 2017, the Beta version of PlagScan API 3.0 will be released. You then have 6 months to switch and test.  

Update – Beta now available: PlagScan API Version 3 and API v3 Documentation

  • On August 14th, the Beta phase is planned to end and PlagScan API 3.0 will be fully released. We decided to postpone the priorly announced release date on July 31. This way, it was possible to dedicate enough time to develop the best solutions for a variety of different improvement ideas and suggestions.
  • As we would like to make your transition as smooth as possible, you will be able use the current API version 2.4 until December 31.

We want to make the transition as easy as possible. If you have questions don’t hesitate to call us (+49 221 759 889 92) or write an email to pro@plagscan.com.

Let us know if you are also interested in testing the new API while giving us feedback and ideas for improvements. What works better for you can surely benefit others.  


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