Guidelines and Mission @ Plagscan


In times of centralized access to information, PlagScan fuels critical thinking, professional writing and the creation of original content to protect the fundamentals of research and creativity. We have worked, developed and progressed for nearly 10 years to maintain such goals and remained faithful to our mission statement, which serves our customers, partners and internal team.

Our Customers Always Come First

We are eager to deliver the most effective and valuable service possible to our users. Multiple employees at PlagScan have an academic background and can relate to the needs of scholars and writers. We have combined our own expertise with years of customer feedback and optimized our software to the best of our abilities to provide a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use service. We still appreciate feedback and are always happy to accommodate our users. Customer satisfaction is one of our most valued goals.

Maintaining a Positive Company Culture

Our good team spirit and positive company culture, in which every employee feels comfortable to contribute ideas, creates a fruitful work enviornment. We believe that the success of a single employee equals the success of the entire organization, which is why we strive for equality, respect and fair work conditions. The PlagScan  team represents five nationalities and we couldn’t be prouder to set an example in cosmopolitism in today’s globalized world.

Accurate Results and Friendly Usability

Our team has been working tirelessly to develop the most comprehensive plagiarism detection software possible. A unique algorithm paired with extensive data bases ensure accurate results in form of concise reports. The PlagLevel indicates the amount of potential plagiarism and a list of sources make it easy for users to navigate through the matches.

Data Security

We take pride in operating according to the European data security standards. Our systems are penetration tested regularly for possible security issues. And we never release any documents or data to third parties. At any point the user keeps full control of their data they submit to PlagScan.


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