Grading and Plagiarism Checking with our Canvas Integration

Last year we released a new version of PlagScan’s LTI integration with the Learning Management System Canvas (you can read more about it with the following blog post here). This year, we want to introduce you to a new improvement of the integration, which will simplify your workflow as a teacher and a professor.

From now on, teachers can grade assignments after the report has been analyzed.

How can I access the students’ papers?

You have 2 possibilities:


  1. On your dashboard, click on your To Do notification on the right side of your window. The notification gives you the information about which paper you have to grade.

  1. Click on Courses in the left bar and choose the course you teach. Next, click on Assignments. Finally, open the assignment you created for this particular course.

You will find a summary of all documents submitted by students.


Summary papers


The sheet above is a practical summary of student names, paper names, the number of words and the upload date. When you click on the following icon (see the screenshot of the content icon), you can view the paper that has been submitted to another window.

Finally, you can choose to check the paper for plagiarism right away or delete it from your summary.

Why did we add this summary? This overview helps you to manage students’ papers effectively and to navigate from one paper to another with ease.


Next step: If you want to grade the paper you can click on the button Speedgrader on the right side. Another window appears.


My Speedgrader

Now you can grade your papers and check them for plagiarism on the same screen. Your student paper appears on this new window. However, you can select two different types of views:


  • You will access the plagiarism report directly if you previously checked the document on the assignment summary.

speedgrader interactive report


  • If you have not checked the student paper on your assignment summary, you can choose to see the document as a text by clicking on the icon A on the right side.


                 – With the text view, you can download the original document on a notepad, or

                 – You can wrap the words for a better view.

Click on the button Start check on the top of the paper to check for plagiarism. Now you have your report, you can see all its functionalities inside the Speedgrader.


You can analyze the matches, investigate the sources or make comments directly on the paper. In a nutshell, you can actively evaluate the paper without using another interface.

Other functions like downloading, collaborating and customizing are available as well.

For more information about the plagiarism report please click here.


Now it’s time to grade! On the right side you see:

  • The date and time of the submission. You will always see the latest version on your screen
  • The assessment
  • You can leave general comments about the paper and save the grade

When you click on the icon, Gradebook on the blue top bar, you can see a summary of the different assignments and the name of the students.


You are all set! Please leave comments below, we will be pleased to respond to any inquiries you may have. 

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Christelle writes about plagiarism, education or new events about PlagScan. She is from France has been living in Germany for 10 years and traveled in different places like Canada or Austria before settling down. Advocate for fair education, she lends her pen in order to help students and teachers to develop creative writing and critical thinking.

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