Download Multiple Reports With One Click

The new feature / settings additions this week should come very handy for our power users. As we program very modular and encapsulate most codes for optimal re-use, only few new lines of code were needed to provide our users with this:
1) Now, you can download reports directly from the document manager. If several documents are selected you will get all their reports zipped into one archive. If the original file was saved for the document (which is the case for all assignment submissions), it will be included in the download, as well.
2) A new option in the settings allows to select a preferred report type. It is used to see results or download files in the document manager. For more info see report types.
As soon as our new report transfers into beta state, this will be the place where you can first opt-in to see the preview!
3) You can increase the documents shown per page from 25 to 50, 75 up to 100. This option is only visible if you set the user interface to extended instead of simplified.
We hope this new setting will be of use for you.
Your PlagScan Team


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