From Intern to Full Time Developer: PlagScan Welcomes back David Littig.

PlagScan’s new Source Code Tweaker is no stranger to our PlagScan family. As an intern three years ago, he felt at home instantly with our team and had an enriching and exciting experience. When PlagScan decided to look for a new full stack developer a couple of months ago, David did not hesitate to send his resume twice.

“Even though I was here previously for an internship, I was responsible for a lot things on the team. But still there was space for a bit fun with my coworkers. Missing all this led to the decision to apply for a job at Plagscan.”

When David came back, he immediately faced new challenges and it was as if he never left. He admitted that the company culture has not changed even though now the company has more than 10 employees.

Born near Cologne, David Littig completed his Master degree in Computer Engineering and created a password manager for his thesis. While studying, he developed and maintained a web platform for safety instructions as a part-time worker at the Hochschule Düsseldorf.  Now, he is eager to share his knowledge from his studies and work experience with the team and to grow with his new responsibilities.

During my studies I got in contact with a lot of new technologies. I want to introduce PlagScan to these so we can improve the performance and efficiency of our software.”

However, this is not his only goal. David confessed, that he is aiming to improve his cooking skills.

When he is not testing new technologies to solve his daily challenges, David likes to mix tracks at home. Who says that a developer can’t also be a DJ? After all, both occupations require creativity and give a sense of freedom.

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