Twagiarism – Twitter Implements New Report Function To Prevent Twagiarism.  Twagiarism is the new buzzword on Twitter. It describes the plagiarizing of tweets. Plagiarism is not only a problem in the literary & academical world. Social media networks have been increasingly dealing with content theft as well. Recently, Twitter has… Read More »

Twagiarism – Plagiarism

The new feature / settings additions this week should come very handy for our power users. As we program very modular and encapsulate most codes for optimal re-use, only few new lines of code were needed to provide our users with this: 1) Now, you can download reports directly from the document manager.… Read More »

Download Multiple Reports With One Click

Finally, we got the chance to work on the improvement of our report interface! Even though we haven’t implemented all planned aspects yet, we’re ready to present the first stages of improvements. Due to the global differences in enabling technologies, our software often can’t offer the maximum complexity. Not everybody… Read More »

Report Rework

Dear Users, Our latest feature is a useful addition to PlagScan’s Assignment Submission Tool, inspired by our Share Reports with a Third Party feature, which enables third parties to view plagiarism reports. Now, students can not only submit their work independently but also view their own plagiarism reports. This way students are able… Read More »

Share Plagiarism Reports With Students

Dear Users, We are proud to announce our much anticipated new feature: A Share button. Now, it is possible to share reports with others and allow them to examine the plagiarism analysis for a specific document, without giving away personal login credentials. For example, teachers can share the plagiarism reports with their… Read More »

PlagScan’s New Share Feature

Dear PlagScan Users, We have updated our plugin for Moodle with new functions, which will help our users being more flexible with our scanning process. In our previous version, teachers had to wait until the assignment’s deadline has passed in order to scan them. It is now possible to scan submitted… Read More »

PlagScan Moodle Plugin Update.

Today we want to introduce an update to one of PlagScan’s key features: The automated detection of quoted text passages in user documents. It is important to examine quotations differently from the rest of the text. Quotations enable the writer to use other people’s words and ideas without plagiarizing. When… Read More »

Updated Quotation Detection

I am Ruben Olmedo, one of PlagScan’s developers. In my first blog entry, I want to introduce you to the latest changes of PlagScan. During the last few months, we have been modified our service and design to a more stable and modern version. Read here how we have updated PlagScan with… Read More »

Modified Payment Dialog

We proudly announce the beginning of our developer blog at PlagScan.com! PlagScan is an online service that investigates the authenticity of documents and provides you with a complete list of possible sources. 

Welcome to PlagScan’s new developer blog