This week, our new Blog Post is a little special. From now on, we would like to inform you about various topics around technology. In this post, we would like to introduce you to the virtual reality and web applications. However, Before you continue reading this post, take a look… Read More »

Virtual Reality in Web Applications

We are proud to announce that the updated administration interface has been implemented last Monday and is now live. Numerous design and system improvements will enable an easier setup process and optimized workflow for administrators of schools, universities and organizations  As mentioned in one of our last posts Reducing Stress for… Read More »

New Administration Interface is now live!

PlagScan has a new plagiarism report, designed to make it even easier to judge a document’s originality. Now the formatting of an uploaded text is preserved, including images and tables on each page. This allows for a straightforward mapping to the original document even if it is printed – you can… Read More »

New Report – Improved Overview & Preserved Format

New settings menu
Hopefully you were able to enjoy the holiday spirit and found some time to spend with your loved ones. We also hope you reached your personal and professional goals last year.   As an SaaS product for plagiarism detection, we have achieved some major steps over the past year to… Read More »

Improvements, new features and plans for 2016

After finishing working on an updated version of our PlagScan moodle Plugin, we’re finally presenting version 2.2.1. Since version 2.x, we have made some great changes the last months – We fixed bugs, improved the interface and included many new features that help our users to facilitate their plagiarism checks.… Read More »

Moodle Plugin Update to Version 2.2.1

Dear Organization Users, As many of you might have noticed, the PlagScan interface has significantly changed in the administration section. We’re proud to introduce you to the newest features and improvements. Hopefully you’re not going to miss the old blue box, which previously included all functions and settings. You will… Read More »

Re-Design of the administration area

We’re happy to announce further progresses in our report interface. We have already introduced an early stage interface back in June, in which user documents resembled the original formatting. Now, we have released a prototype with many improvements, which will be available to selected users at the end of October.… Read More »

New Progress in the Development of the Report Interface