Brandnew feature: The Organization repository is now released

We are proud to announce the release of our newest feature: the organizational repository.
Schools, universities, businesses and all other organizational customers can now benefit from our storage system that enables the gathering of all uploaded and checked documents from all users.
Instead of having each user storing documents in his own account, documents can now be transferred to the organizational depository which is is managed
by the PlagScan administrator of the organization. This is especially beneficial for vacated accounts, from colleagues that left the organization. All uploaded files and checks can then be easily moved to the archive. If you want to crosscheck with old documents of past years you can now select to include all documents from the depository.

repouserfilesSince we already launched sharing features, the organizational repository brings up fas our next big thing. But we didn’t forget about keeping documents private. From now on users can convert their document into private making them “invisible” for crosschecking. Private documents can not be found in the plagiarism checking procedure.

As mentioned above the administrator is head of the repository. He can set the rules for the organization’s use of the depository by making changes in the Global Policy.

We hope this new feature will help our customers to keep the huge amount of documents within the organization in just one place.
If you have any question or feedback about this new feature just contact us at

You can also read our previous blog post about the organization repository if you want to know more.

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