Rubén Olmedo

Have you heard of Molg H.? Perhaps not. But you might have seen some of his work on the internet. Molg H. is an artist and illustrator who draws satirical cartoons and sarcastic drawings to exploit the dark side of human beings in an humorous way. One of his most… Read More »

The Molg H. Case

Finally, we got the chance to work on the improvement of our report interface! Even though we haven’t implemented all planned aspects yet, we’re ready to present the first stages of improvements. Due to the global differences in enabling technologies, our software often can’t offer the maximum complexity. Not everybody… Read More »

Report Rework

Dear PlagScan Users,   We have updated our plugin for Moodle with new functions, which will help our users being more flexible with our scanning process. In our previous version, teachers had to wait until the assignment’s deadline has passed in order to scan them. It is now possible to scan… Read More »

PlagScan Moodle Plugin Update.

I am Ruben Olmedo, one of PlagScan’s developers. In my first blog entry, I want to introduce you to the latest changes of PlagScan. During the last few months, we have been modified our service and design to a more stable and modern version. Read here how we have updated PlagScan with… Read More »

Modified Payment Dialog