Attending the annual European Network for Academic Integrity conference in Vilnius, Lithuania

All participants at the ENAI Conference

This year, the annual European Network for Academic Integrity (ENAI) conference was held at the Myklas Romeris University in Vilnius, Lithuania. It consisted of two conference segments covering ‘Plagiarism Across Europe and Beyond’, and ‘Shaping Ethics in Academia and Society’.

Seeing ourselves as safeguards for Academic Integrity, PlagScan continuously intensify our relationship with the community that fights at the forefront against plagiarism and contract cheating in academia.

Our learnings

Professors, instructors and researchers from many countries around the globe highlighted the importance of joining forces to fight plagiarism and contract cheating through a series of workshops and keynotes in three ways:

  1. Increasing the awareness for immoral behaviour and its implications for every single student as well as for academia and society in general
  2. Providing sufficient support on education in writing and citing in an academically correct way
  3. Supporting professors and instructors in detecting and eliminating plagiarism and contract cheating.

Fighting plagiarism and contract cheating

Given the alarming increase of paper mills offering contract cheating even on campuses mainly in the English-speaking world, PlagScan’s CEO Markus Goldbach decided to discuss the use of our latest development: the ghostwriting and contract cheating detection tool named ‘Author Metrics’ to uncover commissioned papers and documents.

The ‘Peer Group Similarity Hypothesis’

He focused in one section of his presentation particularily on the ‘Peer Group Similarity Hypothesis’. In the process of developing ‘Author Metrics’, PlagScan has experimentally discovered that the so-called ‘Peer Group Similarity Hypothesis’ can be applied to detect ghostwriters. This has sparked a lot of interest in the logic behind our ghostwriting detection tool.

If you are interested in learning more about this, we will soon cover it  in a separate blog post. 

Those days in Vilnius with its interesting, controversial and fruitful discussions strengthened our belief in our mission to enable professors and instructors to ‘give credit where credit is due’. 

We would like to thank ENAI for having us.

About Verena Gehrmann

Verena is our fierce defender of Academic Integrity. She pointed out that everybody should have the same chances to develop themselves, regardless of their backgrounds and that education plays an important role in equality. The open-minded native German branched out to another continent to explore a new culture when she studied in Tübingen, Beijing, and Taipei. She stayed in Taipei for four more years, developing marketing and branding strategies for different IT markets around the globe.

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