Another Advocate for Lifelong Learning Joins the PlagScan Team in Marketing

PlagScan's new employee, VerenaAs an education technology, PlagScan is all about learning and growing. When we posted a job opening for our new marketing position a few months ago, we didn’t expect to find someone who was a living embodiment of what we stand for. Fortunately, Verena found our job posting on LinkedIn and was curious enough to reach out.

For Verena, everything in life revolves around learning and growing. The open-minded native German branched out to another continent to explore a new culture when she studied Chinese and Japanese studies in Tübingen, Beijing, and Taipei. She stayed in Taipei for four more years, developing marketing and branding strategies for different IT markets around the globe.

“For me, brands, companies and products are like people,” Verena said. “They need to be nurtured, they need to be developed and they need to be given the chance to grow. This is what I’m hoping to achieve at PlagScan as well.”

PlagScan mainly sparked Verena’s interest because of the company’s fairness and integrity values. She pointed out that everybody should have the same chances to develop themselves, regardless of their backgrounds and that education plays an important role in equality.

“By working for PlagScan, I hope to be able to raise awareness for the importance of learning and studying as a tool for lifelong personal growth,” she explained. “Only if students learn that success comes through hard work and commitment, they’ll develop enough resilience and stamina to become the best version of themselves.”

Outside of learning, Verena admits her passion for Asian soap operas. She also loves to travel to new countries as a way of her lifelong learning attitude and already has plans for her next big trip to Thailand and Vietnam. In the meantime, she is looking forward to discovering all about PlagScan and its team, which she already became close to.

“PlagScan is a great team,” she said. “What impressed me most is the way people treat each other here in the office. I was warmly welcomed and I’m very happy to be part of TOPS.”

Talking about the Team of PlagScan (TOPS) Verena referred to the Chinese proverb 三人行必有我師焉 (“san ren xing, bi you wo shi yan”) by Confucius.

“It means that whenever (three) people are together, there’s a chance to learn from each other,” she explained. “As the PlagScan team is very diverse, international and open-minded, I think chances are very good to achieve this.”

About Cati Mayer

Cati is a communications manager and passionate writer. She grew up in Germany, finished her studies in communications and media studies, journalism and public relations in the United States and is now an advocate for human rights, particularly education. She has been involved with multiple Silicon Valley startups.

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