6 New Video Tutorials to guide you through PlagScan

We have now released six new video tutorials for our customers. The new tutorials are made to guide our clients through different processes and cover several aspects such as the plagiarism report or the administration of organization accounts and submission. They also mention multiple frequently asked questions we have received from schools, universities and businesses.

If you are checking your first document for instance, you can watch the video entitled ‘The Plagiarism Report – Advanced Options.’ You will learn how PlagScan displays matches that are related to similarities found with your document. A common question is ‘how do I know when a document contains plagiarism?’ In this case we recommend to watch the tutorial that explains the evaluation of the plagiarism report.

Administration made easy

Organizational clients face the challenge of organizing and managing lists of users for different kinds of applications. The administrator has a key role since he or sheEN-08-evaluate-plagiarism-report the person in charge of creating accounts for all members of the organization. To ease the administrator’s task, we added two videos – exclusively explaining our organizational functions and taking one step by step through the process of setting up the organization’s account.

Last but not least, an other video describes particularly how to create a submission. The video is only one minute long, which is perfect for students that are commonly known to have a short attention span.

By meticulously scripting and creating these videos, we hope to provide you with a tool that will save your time, answer your questions and improve the way you understand the plagiarism report of your document.

You are welcome to take a look at our video list and pick the ones for your purpose.

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