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After finishing working on an updated version of our PlagScan moodle Plugin, we’re finally presenting version 2.2.1. Since version 2.x, we have made some great changes the last months – We fixed bugs, improved the interface and included many new features that help our users to facilitate their plagiarism checks.… Read More »

Moodle Plugin Update to Version 2.2.1

PlagScan capabilities
Nach einem umfassenden Rework an unserem PlagScan moodle Plugin können wir nun die aktuellste Version 2.2.1 präsentieren. Seit der Version 2.x wurden im letzten Monat viele Dinge geändert. Dabei wurde geändert, gefixt, entfernt, vor allem aber viel hinzugefügt!   Die Einstellungsseite: Auf der Plugin-Einstellungsseite wurden die Texte verbessert und jede Menge Help-Boxen… Read More »

Moodle Plugin Update auf Version 2.2.1

Have you ever thought about sharing the plagiarism reports you receive after checking the the submitted documents? There are actually many reasons why you may want to share that report. PlagScan enables multiple different ways to share reports, read here which ones: You could download the report in a file… Read More »

Versatile Report Sharing Options

Dear Organization Users, As many of you might have noticed, the PlagScan interface has significantly changed in the administration section. We’re proud to introduce you to the newest features and improvements. Hopefully you’re not going to miss the old blue box, which previously included all functions and settings. You will… Read More »

Re-Design of the administration area

Our team proudly presents the new design and functionalities for the submissions page. The interface for professors provides these new features in the following design: Hint Message: This feature allows the professor to send a message to students in order to keep them updated on their submissions. Limit the number… Read More »

Submissions page upgrade

Top Blogs on Plagiarism Plagiarism is a pervasive issue within the academic and the business world. But also in politics, plagiarism plays a big role exposing politician’s dishonesty and questioning their credibility. The most recent case revolved around the plagiarism scandal of Germany’s defense minister, who allegedly plagiarized many parts… Read More »

Top Blogs on Plagiarism – Today: Blogs in English

PlagScan’s development team is constantly improving the website. Our latest new achievement is the enhancement of the administration features. If registered as organization, admins can now search for specific users, arrange users according to certain criteria, or divide a large amount of users onto multiple pages.   User Distribution On… Read More »

New Administration Features for Users

We’re happy to announce further progresses in our report interface. We have already introduced an early stage interface back in June, in which user documents resembled the original formatting. Now, we have released a prototype with many improvements, which will be available to selected users at the end of October.… Read More »

New Progress in the Development of the Report Interface

Twagiarism – Twitter Implements New Report Function To Prevent Twagiarism.  Twagiarism is the new buzzword on Twitter. It describes the plagiarizing of tweets. Plagiarism is not only a problem in the literary & academical world. Social media networks have been increasingly dealing with content theft as well. Recently, Twitter has… Read More »

Twagiarism – Plagiarism

The new feature / settings additions this week should come very handy for our power users. As we program very modular and encapsulate most codes for optimal re-use, only few new lines of code were needed to provide our users with this:   1) Now, you can download reports directly from the document… Read More »

Download Multiple Reports With One Click