10 PlagScan lessons from creating customer video tutorials

Nowadays online businesses should take care of video marketing  in order to stay competitive and grow their sales. If you don’t have a big budget for the marketing component, you can at least start with simple tutorial videos like we did at PlagScan. Creating visuals that explain or show  your product to your customers is a great way to connect with your clients. All You need is a:

  • Software for editing video
  • Software for editing audio
  • Microphone
  • Script
  • Speaker

Without having any experience in producing videos we managed to create 22 videos. In 10 months we got a total of 3.300 views on Youtube. This number may seem small to you or even a fail. But if you think about 3.300 customers that learned how to better use your product or even got help while they were stuck on something or had questions, than you may have changed your mind.

Think about at least half of these customers telling to their peers that your service offers great video tutorials. You get word of mouth publicity for a low budget.The moral of the story is that even low numbers in views matter and you can do your videos yourself. Now let’s get to the hands-on part:

10 lessons learned

Creating our company video tutorials was at times a painful process.
We’d like you to avoid some of the mistakes that we made. These are the 10 lessons we’d like to share with you:

  1. Plan your Process
    Think about how to break the user experience into small chunks and make a video tutorial of every relevant phase in the customer’s journey.
  2. Write a tight script before recording
    Customers prefer short videos because they want you to get to the core of their problem and have it solved as fast as possible. After having the first draft written let a colleague review the content (don’t allow too many reviewers!).
  3. The content will be here to stay
    Take your time to create well-crafted content. The interface of your website may change but the content can be reused so it’s worth the time. Make sure to have a conversational and motivating tone in your script. Read it out loud to test how your phrases sound.
  4. Test screen recordings and script 
    You need screen recordings to show the customer where to click and what to do on your website. To keep your script tight and your video tutorials short match your screen recordings with  a temporary low-quality vocal recording. This will also help you to know where and when to talk, what to show, when to pause and so on.
  5. Choose a quiet environment to record the audio
    While recording make sure nobody is talking in the background and keep out background noise  in order to not distract the listener. Tell the speaker to stay close to the microfone and keep reminding  her or him to read out the content loud and clearly. What looks exaggerated is just right for the listener. And don’t forget to fill in small pauses, especially after long pieces of information.
  6. Check the script while recording
    Your speaker may get nervous by trying to do a perfect job. Make sure that no line of the script is forgotten. Recording stuff afterwards should be avoided because you will rarely get the same emotion in the vocal recording.
  7. Use small effects in your video
    By using the zoom function, adding annotations, such as arrows or even highlighting some content you will get a dynamic video tutorial. Just make sure to not overdo it.
  8. Don’t aim for perfection
    Don’t make things complicated and rather go for 80% satisfaction instead of trying to get 100% for the double amount of time and effort.
  9. Add thumbnail to your Youtube videos
    To make your videos look like a perfect team create simple thumbnails. Use your corporate colors, logo and big letters to stand out in the Youtube search results.
  10. Use the video tutorials for your customer support 
    Why not send a video tutorials instead of replying with a long email? Whenever possible, this is a great way to show your clients that you are solution oriented and have simple, visual solutions to their requests.

We hope our lessons learned will help you to create your own company video tutorials.
Have a look on our PlagScan Youtube page to watch one our video tutorials. If you like to share your lessons with us simply write to info@plagscan.com.



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