10 New Year’s Resolutions for Educators

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It has been an exciting year. The annual tradition of resolutions is on the doorstep. By closely working with different representatives of the educational system, we have been inspired to thoughtfully write this article so you may choose a resolution or more, that will help you grow on a personal and a professional level as an educator during the next year. Here are 10 resolutions we recommend to choose from, addressed to all types educators out there!

1. Spice it up a bit

Give each month a new method, technology or technique a try, to keep students challenged and have them expecting exciting things from you. Taking your students on a fun trip, gamifying their lessons or introducing some fun way of competition to them would be some examples to choose from. Creating lists of these methods and planning them on a monthly basis beforehand will make it hard for you to deviate from your resolution. And remember, always try to avoid a monthly “auto-pilot” mode in the classroom.

2. Find the balance between work and your personal life

Even though this is usually difficult, try to find a way to the school work at school and simply enjoy the time you spend at home. Once you are happy it will be easier to make your students and colleagues happier as well.

3. Spread positive energy

Deliver positive energy to your students and colleagues every day! We all face battles in our personal life, but you should leave all of that behind once you cross the school doorstep. Students are our future and they do not deserve to take the personal frustration of the influential individuals in their lives upon themselves. Be the cool, positive and happy teacher. Do not forget that this energy is infectious and you are the one to transmit it around in the morning.

4. Build Fitness into your curriculum

This would not be a list of resolutions if we did not mention health improvement. Healthy eating tips, introducing some way of movement into the day-to-day activities, or simply inspiring yourself and your students to look after your bodies would be some habits to inherit with this resolution.

5. Devote yourself to students individually

This does not have to mean that you would tutor or speak to them one-on-one, but actually trying to implement a circular classroom, where your students help you with particular tasks. Checking with them if they need anything while they work on the task with a smile can be a great advancement to the class. Furthermore, if you can find a way to motivate them to teach one-another and learn from each-other would take some load from your back and promote freedom in the classroom.

6. Do not pay special attention to school policies and bureaucracy

The school policies, time-wasting meetings, unnecessary paperwork etc. can be very annoying. Sometimes there is simply nothing you can do to change this, and instead of spending your time complaining about and being angry about them, they are not your true concern, try to re-direct your energy toward your own classroom, where you can really have an impact.

7. Planning and organization

Do you tend to take leftover work with you at home? Write a list of the tasks that consume most of the time during your work day and start analyzing them – why do they take so much time and how could you combine them together to save time and do more. Perhaps you spend too much time on your lunch break? It is better to shorten breaks during working time if that results in you going home with a clear list.

8. Raise your competitiveness and get a raise

Professional development, whether it may be online or offline, visiting courses, schools and tutorials toward a goal subject you have been thinking about lately. By improving your skills, you would be able to take part in further tasks at work, when ultimately you can legitimately ask for a raise.

9. Wear what impresses YOU

Wearing clothes that you adore can have a great impact on your mood and how you start your day. New professional outfits, with the addition of some fun touches that you find to go nicely along, will give you a complete look that will turn some heads in the hallway!

10. Be the classroom hero

Try to stay up do date with what your students are interested in and what is popular in their world at the moment. Taking the time from education, and speaking about a theme closer will let them know that you are open to any questions and that you are there to help with anything. Furthermore, everyone can have a bad day, but it is up to you to be the cheerful superhero in front of your students. Do not let the negativity of other people bring you down!

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