20 MB => 100 MB! A common theme we’ve seen in customer feedback was the request for an increased data size when uploading documents to the software. To accommodate the request, we are happy to announce an increased maximum file size from 20 MB to 100 MB! This will… Read More »

PlagScan Updates the Possible Uploading File Size

  In times of centralized access to information, PlagScan fuels critical thinking, professional writing and the creation of original content to protect the fundamentals of research and creativity. We have worked, developed and progressed for nearly 10 years to maintain such goals and remained faithful to our mission statement, which serves… Read More »

Guidelines and Mission @ Plagscan

What are Beneficial Skills for Future (Digital) Workers? Education faces the following scenario: The 21st century has opened many new doors in terms of employment possibilities. Freelancing and remote work has become a common way of employment in different occupations. So-called digital nomads have created a new lifestyle of combining… Read More »

The Shift from Knowledge Education to Digital Education

Fake news has been making waves in the media. Like many, I get my news from social media – articles shared by friends, Youtube videos about current events or alleged quotes from public figures often appear credible. A variety of different voices and perspectives allow me to build my own opinion, independently of… Read More »

What’s Behind the Issue of Fake News?

The Beginning of Video Game Plagiarism This matter has been observed since the birth-time of video games in the 70s, when complete clones were launched with just different headlines, but has gotten more attention during the past few years. It all started with the Magnavox lawsuit against Atari for Pong,… Read More »

Plagiarism in Video Games

One of PlagScan’s goals is to improve collaboration between users. In order to get closer to this purpose we have made an important step forward. While sharing a plagiarism report has been possible for a while, the invited user was only able to view the results. With our latest improvement the document… Read More »

New: Edit your colleague’s report

Nowadays online businesses should take care of video marketing  in order to stay competitive and grow their sales. If you don’t have a big budget for the marketing component, you can at least start with simple tutorial videos like we did at PlagScan. Creating visuals that explain or show  your product… Read More »

10 PlagScan lessons from creating customer video tutorials

A common problem today is the division between the higher education and the workplace in the modern world. A lot of students do not always possess the skills to find success after graduation. Various studies show that on an average 40% of the graduates around the world do not have… Read More »

Landing the job – the modern challenges of the dynamic ...

Mohamed is PlagScan’s newest addition to the software development team. He just moved from Egypt to Germany and is looking forward to a bright future with the company. He graduated in computer science in 2011 and worked in e-marketing and SEO. Due to the growing trends in programming in Egypt,… Read More »

PlagScan Heralds the Start of 2017 With Another Hire in ...

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It has been an exciting year. The annual tradition of resolutions is on the doorstep. By closely working with different representatives of the educational system, we have been inspired to thoughtfully write this article so you may choose a resolution or more, that will help you grow on a personal… Read More »

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Educators