The PlagScan meeting area is 50m² large combining meeting tables, kitchen and space to hang. The 5 large windows lighten the room and give us the chance to have a great view over Cologne, Ehrenfeld.   Picture 1: overview about the Kitchen and the Meeting room area      … Read More »

PlagScan meeting room

At this year’s paste©conference at the University of Cologne PlagScan CEO Markus Goldbach gave an answer to the question: “Why is plagiarism software fair?”. If want to know more about the conference itself please check our post here. We all agree that plagiarism is persona non grata in higher education. Students should not… Read More »

7 Reasons for Why Plagiarism Software is Fair

PlagScan took part in the successful paste© conference of the Media and Theatre Institute at the University of Cologne on April 21.  The dynamic ten men team of students wanted to make their fellow students aware of what it means to copy and paste in our digital world. They covered the vast topic in… Read More »

PlagScan at the Paste© Conference

A refreshing breeze has been wafting in PlagScan’s office the last two weeks as a new member has joined the team. Christelle, our new head of PR and marketing has an Indian background and grew up in Reunion Island, a French island near South Africa – A perfect fit for our… Read More »

New staff member in the PR and Marketing Department

  20 MB => 100 MB! A common theme we’ve seen in customer feedback was the request for an increased data size when uploading documents to the software. To accommodate the request, we are happy to announce an increased maximum file size from 20 MB to 100 MB! This will… Read More »

PlagScan Updates the Possible Uploading File Size

  In times of centralized access to information, PlagScan fuels critical thinking, professional writing and the creation of original content to protect the fundamentals of research and creativity. We have worked, developed and progressed for nearly 10 years to maintain such goals and remained faithful to our mission statement, which serves… Read More »

Guidelines and Mission @ Plagscan

What are Beneficial Skills for Future (Digital) Workers? Education faces the following scenario: The 21st century has opened many new doors in terms of employment possibilities. Freelancing and remote work has become a common way of employment in different occupations. So-called digital nomads have created a new lifestyle of combining… Read More »

The Shift from Knowledge Education to Digital Education

Fake news has been making waves in the media. Like many, I get my news from social media – articles shared by friends, Youtube videos about current events or alleged quotes from public figures often appear credible. A variety of different voices and perspectives allow me to build my own opinion, independently of… Read More »

What’s Behind the Issue of Fake News?

The Beginning of Video Game Plagiarism This matter has been observed since the birth-time of video games in the 70s, when complete clones were launched with just different headlines, but has gotten more attention during the past few years. It all started with the Magnavox lawsuit against Atari for Pong,… Read More »

Plagiarism in Video Games

One of PlagScan’s goals is to improve collaboration between users. In order to get closer to this purpose we have made an important step forward. While sharing a plagiarism report has been possible for a while, the invited user was only able to view the results. With our latest improvement the document… Read More »

New: Edit your colleague’s report